Are you ready for Brexit?

The Brexit transition period ended on the 31st December 2020 at 11pm and brought significant changes for the industry.

This page contains useful links for information on helping your business for with these changes.

You will also find links to the Government grant, an FAQ and relevant news on Brexit.

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The Brexit transition period ends on the 1st January 2021 and brings significant changes for logistics and supply chain operations, with customs formalities required on all goods moving between the UK and EU.

Many businesses in the UK that trade with the EU will need to submit customs declarations and security filings for the first time.

Our customs software solution MultiShed can help you complete the declarations needed to continue trading with the EU.

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CSPs (Community System Providers) are independent trade systems that directly serve hundreds of carriers, transit sheds and freight forwarders. CSPs record and track the movement of goods within ports and airports, enabling them to operate more efficiently.

CSPs are the gateway from MultiShed to the ports and CHIEF.

In the UK importers must purchase a “badge” for each port they want to complete the entries for.
I.e. to complete Felixstowe entries you need to purchase a Felixstowe badge; for Southampton entries, a Southampton badge and so on.

The CSPs(Community System Providers) provide the badge, for Sea you have MCP and CNS, for Air its CCS-UK and for Dover its Pentant.

HMRC has made record funding of £50 million available to enhance its Customs Grant Scheme.

Organisations can apply for funding to reimburse a number of costs associated with increasing their capacity and enhancing their ability to complete customs declarations, ahead of the new rules from January 2021.

Eligible organisations can apply for funding for recruitment, employee training and IT, in preparation for additional customs declarations.

We have helped our customers apply for funding since this scheme was launched. Our software solutions are eligible for the grant and you can claim 100% of the costs for the system, setup and training for the first year.

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UK Border Operating Model Version 2

Latest copy of the Border Operating Model

50 million funding boost for UK customs

HMRC is encouraging customs intermediaries and traders who make their own declarations to take advantage of the funding now.

Customs Control Processes 2021

HMRC document outlining the processes for customs control from 1st January 2021

HMRC Questionnaire for NI

Do you move goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

Customs Brexit Grant Extended to January 2021

Have you applied for the Brexit Grant?

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