Systems Health Check

Posted by   manager on    11 July 2017


Your company is forever changing, new business, new staff, change of direction, added services the list goes on.

But how often do you check that your systems, staff and processes are moving, adapting and working with your company needs to be the most efficient and productive possible.

More often than not its the last thought on our mind, we just want to win that new business, take on that new service and grow our companies.

However at some point things start to creak. Ideally you are working closely with us and together we are strategising for the future however that isn't always possible.

This is why we have always provided the Systems Health Checks to our customers. 

We have two offerings for this service:

The first is a FREE day where one of our services team will visit you and meet with your senior staff and analyse how you structure, processes work with our systems and will report back their findings and suggestions on improvements, where training is needed etc.

The second is a special discounted rate where a consultant will attend site and not only run through the above but also whilst onsite carry out the improvements that you wish to implement and train staff and carry out everything needed to get the company more productive and efficient.

If you would like more details on how you can ensure you are using the systems to its full potential please get in touch with us





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