MultiStat Administration Training Seminary - 26th July 2018

Posted by   manager on    21 June 2018



We have had a number of request from customers wanting to be able to get more from MultiStat reporting system.
Therefore we have put together an Administrator License - Training Seminar to cover this.
​The training seminar is being held on the 26th July 2018 at our office in Ipswich.
There is a small charge for this training seminar of £50 + VAT and will include a buffet lunch. Full details are below.
If you would like to register yourself or someone to attend the training seminar please let us know asap.


Seminar Agenda

Session 1. Privileges using the User Setup Activity (1.5 hours, 11.00 coffee)
  • Architecture of f4b 
  • Types of licence and who needs them.
  • Setting up users
  • Assigning users to groups
  • Access and Ownership of activities and views (None financial analytics…)
  • Aggregate Exclusions
  • Menu and system settings
  • Scheduler Modes
  • Help system usage
Session 2. Customising Supplied Views & Activities (1.5 hours, 12:30 Lunch)
  • Deploying SYSTEM views(Developers and site)
  • System Updates(What gets changed and what does not) 
  • Validating Views
  • Partitioning activities (Analytics by department…)
  • Changing ownership of views and activities.
Session 3. An introduction to Activity Creation (1.5 hours)
  • Producing a specification.
  • Run through of the much simplified procedure for the creation of Analytic(MultiStat) type activities.
  • Performance implications & System tables
  • Connecting other databases
Requirements - Attendees will have prior experience of the MultiStat system

Note - The things shown in the training seminar require the Administration License.



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