MultiFreight is SOLAS Compliant

Posted by   manager on    1 September 2016

Are you ready to declare container weights?

The International Maritime Organisation amendments to the Safety of Life at Sea came into act as of the 1st July 2016. This requires the shipper to provide the verified gross mass (VGM) to the carrier and port terminal for them to create a safe stowage plan. If at the time of loading the VGM has not been provided the container will not be loaded onto the ship.

We partnered with INTTRA to develop a new EDI connection so that MultiFreight was VGM ready for the 1st July, giving our customers the ability to easily transmit VGM data electronically to carriers, preventing double keying and ensuring that shipment arrive on time.

In conjunction using the INTTRA EDI Container Booking service our customers can streamline and automate the processes and communication to the carriers helping lower costs.

Since July we have developed the EDI connection so that the VGM message can be submitted via MCP and Cargo Smart.


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