How good are your backups?

Posted by   manager on    4 May 2017


Last month on the 31st March brought around another World Backup Day -, an annual reminder of the importance in data backups. This was initially designed to raise awareness to consumers that in today's world we rely so heavily on technology that people need to remember to back up their personal data.

Whilst aimed at consumers it's a good reminder that businesses also need to ensure the integrity of their backups. A failing backup is not just about data loss it affects so many other business critical factors; down time, reputation, time and money to name a few.

What’s scary is that loss of data happens much more often that people think and can happen in so many ways, failed backups, human error through to malicious cyber-attacks.

Recently the first time companies realise they have a problem with their backups is when they have been hit by Ransomware. A recent study by our business partners Timico found that 85% of businesses targeted by ransomware, faced a week or more of downtime causing £1000s in financial damage.

We urge all of our customers to ensure they carry out regular tests of their backups. There isn’t a specific timeframe just make sure it happens regularly to minimise the risk of data loss that your company can handle.

If you would like some advice on backup procedures contact our Customer Services team and we will help your IT department or IT Support company to develop the a suitable backup strategy.

You may also wish to consider using the cloud for offsite backups or even migrating your systems to the cloud and letting us manage your backups for you.

Our cloud services can be tailored to your business requirements with a standard 4 hourly backups with optional extended backups to other data centres.

Contact us to speak to one of our advisers about your cloud strategies.




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