Cyber Attacks & Ransomware Continue to Cause Havoc

Posted by   manager on    11 July 2017

iStock-594943076_sml.jpgIt seems that every week another large and well known company has been affected by a virus, cyber attack or ransomware. Even the almighty Maersk has been affected and has caused the whole industry numerous complications.

Unfortunately these viruses are not just targeting large companies, everyone connected to the internet is a possible target and that includes you.

We have always had to ensure our virus checking software and spam checkers are up to date to protect us from outbreaks. However this new dawn of viruses, cyber attacks and ransomware seem to be moving and adapting at such a rate that the virus and spam checkers cannot keep up and even if they could the types of emails that now spread these viruses are too clever and clean to be picked up.

This is why the education of the impact to your staff is more important than ever before.  I myself constantly get emails from a supposed Office 365 telling me my login has expired and I need to click the link to reset my password.

Luckily I know better and we teach our staff not to open or click on any links like this, plus our systems are set to block this type of traffic however even we are making sure that we do everything we can to prevent a virus outbreak.

Educating your staff is very important but will only get you so far because the odds are one day someone will accidentally open something they wasn't supposed to.

That is why you MUST ensure your servers are being backed up and the backups are being tested regularly. Many companies only do a backup once a day. Ask yourself can your business survive if you lost a days worth of data. How many hours would it take you to catch up and how much would it cost the company.

Once you have read this please go and ask whoever looks after your IT, internal or external are your backups working, are you backing up everything and when where they last tested. If they wish to confirm with us what and how to backup our on-premise system they can contact our support desk or complete the form on the contact us page.

Many of our on-premise customers have migrated to our cloud services to help them improve security and resiliency. Our cloud systems are backed up every 4 hours as standard and can be tailored to do this more often if you wish. 

Choosing the cloud is a business strategy decision and with the importance of ensuring your critical systems up time it could be the right choice for you.





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