Cloud Continues to Grow

Posted by   manager on    25 April 2017

MultiFreight have been providing cloud services for the last 7 years and in the last 3 have seen a dramatic change to the acceptance of how cloud can help businesses.

Whilst we continue to provide deployment options for both on-premise and cloud it is clear that CLOUD is becoming the standard choice for many of our customers.

CLOUD removes many concerns business have today, back ups, scaling, disaster recovery, access, to name a few.

Cloud has provided the tools for faster implementations and given our customers the flexibility and resiliency they need to grow and adapt their supply chain business without large upfront IT costs. 

We have designed two offerings utilising cloud computing;

Cloud SaaS - Software as a Service
This option provides our solutions as a complete software as a service (SaaS) wrapped up in a monthly charge per user.
This option is very popular with companies who prefer rental/opex purchases and also want the flexibility of increasing and decreasing users each month. 
Cloud Hosted PaaS - Platform as a Service
This option is for customers who have or wish to acquire on a perpetual license model and do not have or do not wish to invest in the required infrastructure.
This option has been very popular with companies with aged infrastructure or as a stop gap so not to extend go live dates.


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