Andrew Marshall - Managing Director

“When a company select Schallenberg as their global partner, either in primary product movement, hi-tech logistical or distribution support, they can expect a rewarding return on their investment.

It is therefore important that we utilise a suitable, flexible freight management system at the core of our business and MultiFreight continues to provide that solution with a software package tailored to meet our everyday business needs, whether it be overland, sea or air.”

Schallenberg International Ltd

Will be celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2018. To commemorate the occasion, and their continued commitment to Felixstowe, they are in the process of finalising the design of their bespoke office. This will be located next to their warehousing complex, which is also to undergo renovation to facilitate one of their warehousing units for the sole purpose of handling cars and motorcycles.

Since the outset, their goal has been to provide the highest quality of service in clearly defined areas of freight forwarding and logistics management, taking pride in their work, and satisfying their customers.