Business Goal

“To deliver the best software solutions & services to enable improved efficiencies and productivity for our clients to achieve their business goals”.


About Us

The demand on the freight industry today is constantly increasing, companies demand more services for the same or smaller margins. It is therefore essential, for our customers to ensure they have the right technology partner, who can provide them with the best services and solutions to help them be efficient and productive to meet with the ever-increasing demand.

Having the right business systems and workflow will help automate processes, improve accuracy, give complete visibility and increase productivity.

MultiFreight Ltd has designed and developed freight management solutions since 1973 and helps their customers all over the world to do just this.

Our solutions have been designed by experienced industry specialists “to deliver the best software solutions and services to enable improved efficiencies and productivity for our customers to achieve their business goals”.

Our industry focus, expertise, and friendly professional approach has allowed us to work with hundreds of companies across the world.



Founded in 1973, as Security Computing Services Ltd (SCS) we have an enviable long-standing reputation, evidence of our continuous delivery of effective and valued solutions.

In the early years the principal activity of SCS Ltd was to act as a bureau, providing a wide range of services to clients and associated companies. Since 1975 SCS specialised in leading technologies and began selling complete mini-computer systems. In 1980 the first Freight Forwarding ‘FORWARD’ system was released, followed shortly afterwards by ‘SKYWARD’ for Air Freight specialists. 

As a result of a management buy out, SCS Limited became a private company in 1994 and released the centralised multi modal MultiFreight in 1995. In 2000 SCS decided to concentrate exclusively on providing solutions for the freight and shipping industry and now have an extensive portfolio of software solutions covering Multi Modal, Customs, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Web Portal, Business Intelligence and Digital Mail Room. The MultiFreight suite of tools is acknowledged to be the most concise and comprehensive group of solutions available.

In April 2014 the decision was made to rename and rebrand the company to its well-known flagship solution, 'MultiFreight'. 

This brings the brand and business together to help clearly define our business goal. We do this in a number of ways which includes embracing the right technologies and using our vast industry experience and personal touch to build long term partnerships with our customers. 

When you choose MultiFreight you will receive practical, innovative and cost-effective solutions and services that increase productivity through consolidation, efficiencies and automation.

Great solutions to business challenges don’t just happen, they need to be planned, designed and executed effectively. MultiFreight have a track record of working closely with our customers to understand their business issues, processes and priorities.

We also work in partnership with you to provide advice and guidance on all your training needs ensuring your business becomes as productive as possible. Our aim is to help you maximise the benefit from your investment, implement reliable systems, and to be there when you need us.

This formula has led to a successful deployment of our solutions throughout the world, for over 200 companies and over 3,300 users, both on premise and as a cloud service.



1973 – After many years providing internal computer services to Crittal-Hope Ltd and Norcros Ltd, Security Computing Services was established as a separate company to expand the services to external clients;

-                 Freight Forwarders

-                 Shipping Agents

-                 Publishers

-                 Manufacturers

-                 Public Schools

1980 – SCS release their first dedicated software solutions for the Freight industry, ‘Skyward’ for Airfreight, ‘Forward’ for Sea Freight and ‘Seaward’ for Liner Management 

1994 – After a management buy-out by Tom Clayton, David Nunn and Mark Rattigan, SCS Ltd was formed to solely concentrate on the Freight Forwarding and Shipping industry.

1995 – MultiFreight is launched

1996 – HMRC Accreditation for MultiShed Customs

1998 – Liner Agency module launched

2000 – 100% dedicated to the freight and shipping industry

2003 – Contract won to supply British Airways Regional Cargo at 13 airports

2005 – Accredited Delivery Partner by Open Accounts

2007 – MultiTrack is launched

2008 – Domestic Transport & Courier module launched

2009 – MultiDox ‘Digital Mailroom’ launched

2011 – Software as a Service (SaaS) launched

2012 – MultiChain launched

2013 - New Commercial Director Ian Taylor joins the company

2014 – MultiFreight v3 launched

2014 – MultiStock v3 launched

2014 – MultiFreight SaaS ‘Starter Edition’ launched

2015 - Restructured Support Team and Tiered Process

2016 - SOLAS Released

2016 - MultiFreight deployed to 31 countries