Warehouse Management

MultiStock is a complete Warehouse Management Solution which helps you control the warehouse activities from receipt through to storage and delivery.

MultiStock is highly configurable and allows you to manage your stock in floor zones, racking or liquid and charge accordingly. With the full integration with MultiFreight and MultiChain you are able to create a complete supply chain management solution that helps improve efficiencies for you and your customers.


Key Features


Easily Manage Multiple Customers Stock


Numerous Warehouse Types – racking, zones


Easily Manage Warehouse Movements - Receipts, dispatches 


Automated Multi-Currency Invoicing


Bonded Stock Tracking


Extensive Reporting

MultiStock has feature rich functionality that improves business workflow and increased accuracy and speed that will increase business.

There is no more rekeying into multiple systems and you can choose how you purchase, and deploy this centralised system that provides greater visibility of your business.

Why use MultiStock for warehouse management?

MultiStock provides functionality for handling all types of warehouses no matter the size and how many you have.

The third-party warehousing features enable you to keep control of longer-term storage on behalf of your customers, and help you to manage charging for that handling and storage.

When MultiStock is used in conjunction with the MultiFreight family of products it allows you to offer your customers a complete logistics service – from managing the import of goods from abroad, their warehousing and distribution through to freight-forwarding and export.

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