UK Customs Clearance

MultiShed is our software solution for UK Customs Declarations Clearance, Brokerage and Duty Management for Air and Ocean.

The system gives you the functionality for handling all types of Customs entry types such as; Imports & Exports (NES), NCTS, CSFP, ETSF (ERTS), AEP, DEP and ACE, all via simple and fast entry screen.

MultiShed can be used on its own and with our freight management solution MultiFreight which is fully integrated; removing double keying, automatic updating of the job with DUTY & VAT plus stored documentation such as C88s.

Our solutions are available On Premise or as a Cloud Service SaaS


Key Features


UK Customs for Air & Ocean


Faster Repeat Entries


Interfaced to Community System Providers


CCS-UK Automated Fallback


Fully integrated with the Freight Management System

MultiShed has feature rich functionality that improves business workflow and increased accuracy and speed that will increase business.

Interfaced with the Community Services Providers, MCP/Destin8, CCS-UK and CNS we cover all the ports you need.

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Why use MultiShed for Customs?

MultiShed provides functionality for handling all types of Customs transactions. Few other systems integrate to quite the same degree, and this high level of integration with HMRC CHIEF speeds up transaction time, minimises errors and reduces processing costs.

Used together with MultiFreight these solutions eliminate the need for any other software or manual system to handle Customs related transactions, thus further reducing possible errors and costs.

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