Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) allows businesses to streamline the supply-side activities to maximize customer value and to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

MultiChain allows you to do just this by monitoring and managing large, complex supply chain orders. The functionality within MultiChain allows you to standardise incoming POs, to consolidate goods for different orders into a single consignment, identify the location and status of items, to monitor supply against order and to build shipments for onward distribution.


Key Features


EDI Interfaces


Single and Multiple Contracts, Purchase Orders and Product Agreements


Status tracking 


Collaboration Access to Build the Shipping Orders


Electronic Bookings and Shipping Line  Instructions


Monitor the Location of Goods


Extensive Reporting

MultiChain has feature rich functionality that improves business workflow and increased accuracy and speed that will increase business.

There is no more rekeying into multiple systems and you can choose how you purchase, and deploy this centralised system that provides greater visibility of your business.

Why use MultiChain for supply chain management?

MultiStock provides functionality for handling all types of supply chain requirements.

Once an electronic PO enters the system you can keep track of the status of the order right down to the level of individual line items. If you order from manufacturers a long time in advance and the items arrive as several part shipments (and not necessarily in the same order as on the PO), MultiChain will give you more oversight and control. You can accurately ascertain where individual items are within your supply chain.

When you extend MultiFreight with both MultiStock and MultiChain, it allows you to offer your customers a complete logistics service – from managing the import of goods from abroad, their warehousing and distribution through to freight-forwarding and export.

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