Many of the carriers need a reliable agent in port to take care of husbandry matters. They need agents who have strong relationships with local companies who have the skills to deliver cost effective and on-time services. MultiFreight has been designed with functionality to manage the Liner & Ships Husbandry operations.

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Liner Agency

From within the liner agency functions you have access to all of the core business functionality as well as the specialised support you need to manage a liner agency business.

MultiFreight’s user interface comprises specific data-entry screens that allow liner agencies to take cargo bookings, arrange transport, manage vessel allocation and manifesting, produce bills of lading, organise cargo release and collect charges. Where you are also providing a forwarding service, MultiFreight allows you to fully integrate liner agency functionality with sea freight export and import and Customs processing.

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One System

There are numerous benefits of a centralised solution with the main one being that users only key-in information ONCE and once only. We are then able to take this information and take it through the relevant workflow.

e.g. a quotation is changed into a job, the job details are used to EDI to the Sea Carrier, they are also used handle the customs declaration and all the way along the relevant documentation is created which can be printed or emailed including invoicing.

FeatureSelect.jpg Export and import shipments
FeatureSelect.jpg Voyage management
FeatureSelect.jpg Integration with third-party systems
FeatureSelect.jpg Vessel-level updating
FeatureSelect.jpg Arranging transport
FeatureSelect.jpg Automated costing and invoicing 
FeatureSelect.jpg Integration with transport companies

Why MultiFreight? 

MultiFreight helps companies all over the world improve productivity and growth by increasing accuracy, providing greater visibility and improving efficiencies.

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Increased accuracy 


Complete visibility even across multiple companies


Improve services to your customers


Increased productivity that will grow your business


Improved customer communications


Improved profitability

Feature Rich in One System

MultiFreight has feature rich functionality that improves business workflow and increased accuracy and speed that will increase business.

There is no more rekeying into multiple systems and you can choose how you purchase, and deploy this centralised system that provides greater visibility of your business.

FeatureSelect.jpg Export and import shipments - MultiFreight covers general cargo, LCL cargo, and FCL cargo with any number of containers.
FeatureSelect.jpg Voyage management – the system allows you to allocate shipments to voyages, creates export manifests, and produces bulk documentation (such as emailing all parties to advise the arrival for a voyage).
FeatureSelect.jpg Integration with third-party systems – the system allows you to allocate shipments to voyages, creates export manifests, and produces bulk documentation (such as emailing all parties to advise the arrival for a voyage).
FeatureSelect.jpg Vessel-level updating – the system can show details of all your shipments on a specific vessel. If there is a change to key information that affects the vessel (for example, the arrival date changes or the exchange rate fluctuates) the system automatically updates all shipments that are affected by the change.






FeatureSelect.jpg Arranging transport – the system lets you record all the information you need to generate transport instructions direct from your desk, from simple LCL collections to complex multi-container multi-drop movements. The system’s transport management functions are seamlessly available so you can see and plan overall transport requirements.
FeatureSelect.jpg Automated costing and invoicing – the costing and invoicing functions have been specifically extended in the context of liner agency exports to automate calculations and manage costs and charges in such areas as quay rent, demurrage, and transport costs taking into account mileage, timed deliveries wasted journeys and other factors
FeatureSelect.jpg Integration with transport companies – with MultiFreight, depending on the customers and transport partners you work with, it may be possible for you to use fully automated EDI functionality for transport bookings, acknowledgements, and self-billing including approval against stored tariffs. To enable this, some element of customised development may be required.


Hutchison Logisitics (UK) Ltd

Richard Herbert - Head of Operations

“Hutchison Logistics chose MultiFreight for its comprehensive Freight Forwarding solution which has the scalability and speed to meet our growing business requirements.

We find that MultiFreight is user friendly across all the main functionalities, drives continuous improvement in our operational efficiency to meet and exceed our customer requirements, and has enabled our team to access our key commercial, operational and financial information centrally in one system.

Crucially, MultiFreight offers us local support with visits to our offices as and when required. “



Kevin Buchan - Managing Director

"As a service provider in the oil and gas sector we are often judged on our proactive approach to business so when Petrasco were looking for a new IT solutions provider it was imperative that we found a partner that could stand up to the rigours of our industry sector.

MultiFreight stood out amongst their peers for a company that could provide Petrasco with a robust, reliable, flexible and proactive approach to our requirements ensuring that we can stay ahead of the market in terms of IT capabilities.

Almost 15 years on and we continue to work with MultiFreight on the next generation of enhancements required to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors in a fast changing and competitive industry sector."


Whittles Celebrating Over 15 years Logo.jpg

Whittle Eastern European Ltd

Natasha Sabanovic - Managing Director

“We moved to using MultiFreight in 2006. Before that we used a bespoke package that had been written for us, but it was very limited in its capabilities.

MultiFreight works well for our business because of its functionality and speed, and because we can customise the system. The level of support has also improved since moving to MultiFreight and their friendly and approachable team of staff are easily accessible and often available at short notice.

What distinguishes Whittle is the skill of our people and their ability to communicate clearly with our customers throughout Eastern Europe. The MultiFreight system is what supports our people and it is this combination of people and technology that allows us to deliver the highest quality of service for our customers.”